Poo Pays

Track Your Poops

Have you ever wondered how much you've made while sitting on the porcelein throne? The two things every has in common are Poop and Work.

Track your poop habits, and track your earnings. Optimize how much you're stealing from your employer.

It pays to poo

Analyze Your Habits

Analyze your corporate poop history.
You can see the total amount made, total time spent pooping, shortest, and longest poop. Not only can you see your totals, but you can see these same stats for any of the categories listed below.

You can also see what percentage of your total poops meet the below criteria

+ Day of Week
+ Length of Poop
+ Time of Day
+ Season
+ More to Come

When will you poop next?


Available Now

+ See how much you get paid to poop at work by salary or hourly wage
+ Track longest, shortest, and average time spent in the bathroom
+ Analyze your poop habits by several different metrics, with more on the way!
+ Runs in the background so you can still browse the web while doing your business

Coming Soon

+ iPhone App
+ Store your poops in the cloud
+ Online profiles
+ Global trendings

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Twitter: @Poo_Pays
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